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Venture-backed biopharma startup list: Database of hundreds of biopharma startups that raised a total of $17B in venture capital in 2018. The median amount raised per company in 2018 is $46M. About half of the companies are preclinical / discovery stage, and about half have a product in clinical trials.

Biopharma venture capital list: Database of hundreds of active biopharma investors. All investors made at least one biopharma investment in 2018. Data includes investments by stage (preclinical, Phase 1, etc), round (seed, Series A, etc.), therapeutic area, and role (lead investor, new investor, existing investor). Database also includes IPO and M&A exits for major investors, including cash proceeds and returns on investment for select deals.

Biopharma IPO report: Thousands of datapoints on 2018 IPOs including estimated private venture capital round valuations, returns to major venture investors, pipeline overview, R&D spend by research program, and more.

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Data can be purchased a la carte -- let us know what data you'd like and we will prepare a quote. You can request information on companies or investors at a specific development stage, targeting specific therapeutic areas, located in certain geographies, backed by certain investors, or founded after a certain date. Contact us or email richard at to request a quote. We are always happy to answer questions and generally very responsive.

We provide data in PDF format but can provide excel files upon request.

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